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Life Blog - Days 358 - 370 CT Scan Done

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on July 30, 2011 at 12:38 AM

Happy Days - The Beastmaster

I have been  quiet on the Life Blog lately but this is good news. Quite simply no news is good news and life has been very ordinary and very normal. I am full time at work and feeling 90% fully fit, the only aches and pains I get are to do with the operation scar healing and the numbness in my toes and a bit in my fingers as a leftover from the chemotherapy,

Our leisure activities have been quiet too consisting mainly of walking the hills and being couch potatoes in front of the tele. Absolutely nothing then worthy of me blogging about, it is just nice to have a bit of a normal life for a while...

Thursday 28th July 2011. Today was the day General Liver had arranged for a reconnaisance over the liver to check for enemy activity. He did this by way of a CT scan. All my other CT scans had been at Worcester Royal but for this one we went back to the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. The scan itself is simple enough, I drink about 2 litres of contrast disguised as orange squash, then I have a line put in a vein on my left arm and they inject a fluid in which reacts with the contrast and they slide me through a giant polo mint which takes fancy pictures of my abdomen. Painless.  Of course my er... technical description might not be totally accurate but you get the gist.

The bigger implication for me and Major Peanut is that days such as this are big reality checks for us. I have just mentioned  how normal life felt and of course a trip for a CT scan does remind you quite forcibly that behind the facade of normality lurks an evil threat. This though is life and we all have worries, in our case it's a health worry, others have the same worry and others will worry about money or happiness. Where I am very lucky is that I can fight my health worry strengthened by being very happy and knowing love well. Many people live a whole life not knowing love which must be terribly sad.

The recent death of Amy Winehouse too was so sad. I think she knew love, I think she had been happy at times in her life but ultimately she fell in the grip of an evil that she could not beat. I have read much on Twitter and Facebook about Amy Winehouse  from sadness at her death to "another waster ruined by too much money" to people being sickened by the grieving for her when no-one grieves for the soldiers dying in Afghanistan. The simple truth is Amy Winehouse's parents have lost their daughter and that is not the natural order of things and it is sad. We have had many dances in the kitchen listening to Amy Winehouse, you brought smiles into our lives, RIP Amy.

Returning to the CT scan.  the big frustration with it as well is that we come away knowing nothing, did it find anything, am I clear of the Big C? We have to wait now to find out, the consultation to discuss it is set for the 30th September but if General Liver needs to see me before then he will get in touch. That's the BIg C for you - just when you think you are doing well, things are normal, you are invincible almost - the Sword of Damocles hangs above your head!

Have a great weekend and have a dance round your kitchen to Back to Black my personal favourite Amy track!

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