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The Casio GW-3000B-1A Aviator

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on April 21, 2012 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

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Today I got a new Casio band for my old Casio Yacht Timer (see it here) as the pin on the buckle had broke way back in the late 1990s.  Anyway, the watch is now back on my wrist and working away like a good un! It got me thinking about Casios again and I started to have a look at their G-Shock watches, which are truly iconic watches these days. "A real tool watch" would be the stock phrase that real men would churn out to describe this watch range so if like me your not really a "real man" but have pretensions like the best of us, then a G -Shock should be in your collection. Get one and you have the "tool watch" thing well and truly covered.

This one caught my eye, an Aviator G-Shock with an analogue display. Doug FNJ has reviewed this watch on You Tube and while I know that watch reviews are perhaps not the most exciting things in life, you really should watch one or two. See it as a penance for the fabulous life you lead the rest of the time. Doug's review isn't too bad at all in truth - if your life was really exciting I'd make you view a watch box opening video as a penance! Doug's review sells the watch to me and looking at the comments on his video, one or two others as well!

Casio Digital Watch - Watch Collection No 5

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on October 23, 2010 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The First Watch I Bought

Casio Digital

Back to the early nineties with this watch. I was holidaying in Cyprus and was enjoying waterskiing and going on the jet skis every day. Jet skis were hired for twenty minutes at a time which was long enough to be charging about the seas at full speed - great fun! However, I wanted a waterproof watch that had a timer on it so i could maximise my time on the jet ski. This nifty Casio watch beckoned me from one of the local shops and I enjoyed wearing it for many years through the Nineties! As you can see in the photograph it is still going strong as of the 15th February 2009 and indeed lives in our kitchen now where it still keeps great time.

This watch is a very significant watch in my journey through time because it is the first watch I ever bought for myself. Prior to this I had inherited my Grandad's watch, my Uncle's watch and then my Dad's watch and so I was the wrong side of 30 before I actually bought a watch for myself. I had always liked watches and in the eighties I had a hankering for a Storm watch but had never actually got a watch for myself. This then started me on my way. A humble watch you might say but there is nothing humble about a watch that still keeps great time 20 years later!